Is Blogging on Celebrity a waste of time?

Blogging on Celebrity

Is Blogging on Celebrity a waste of time? A Guest Post by Haider Afridi from SkFanClub. One of our most committed steadfast peruser and gold star donor. Introducing his example of overcoming adversity.

At the point when another blogger chooses to begin blogging on celebrity, the principal thing which hits his psyche is ” Which Topic Should I Blog on?”. Then he begins looking for the themes which suites him well. Each theme is effective to be sure however it relies upon the blogger that how he executes his subject through Blogging.

Today I will examine Blogging on Celebrity. I will impart my story to you. With my experience, I will endeavor to help you on the most proficient method to influence an effective Celebrity To blog.

When I began blogging on a Celebrity correct one year back, some Pro-Bloggers exhorted me to leave big name blogging as a VIP blog does not have many extensions. Well, I keep blogging. I concede that a Top Class Celebrity Blog can never be contrasted with a Top Class Tech Blog yet it doesn’t imply that a Celebrity blog is a total disappointment.

Is Blogging on Celebrity a waste of time?

Difference Between a Pro Blogger and Celebrity

One year back when I was getting the hang of blogging I chose to begin blogging of my own yet I was befuddled on Topic. As I was not having much learning on Tech and Blogger Tricks so I chose not to venture in the Tech Blogging. So following quite a while of perplexity, one day I chose to blog on the VIP I like the most and it was Indian Mega Star Salman Khan. Presently the inquiry emerges why I did as such? Well, the appropriate response is very straightforward.

You can execute flawlessly just than when you appreciate any work. As an obstinate Salman Khan Fan, I chose to blog on him. In any case, simply being a devoted fan can’t make you a fruitful Celebrity Blogger. You need to take after the blogging Rules. Similar guidelines which each blogger takes after for progress. There are preferences and weaknesses too of a Celebrity Blog which I will say later in my article. First, let me share with you what I have accomplished in recent year with my blog:

So subsequent to taking a gander at the above specify details of SkFanClub, do despite everything you trust that Celebrity Blogging is an exercise in futility? On the off chance that you discuss Earnings, I win an average measure of Money as well.


How to start Blogging on Celebrity?

Well, this is something which must be cleared to the amateur bloggers. Blogging on a Celebrity intends to give the most recent News Updates, Wallpapers, Videos, Movie Updates and so forth. The perusers of your blog will be the Fans of the stars you are blogging on. For Example, I blog on Salman Khan so my perusers are Salman Khan Fans.


How to Get News Updates of a Star?

As an individual, clearly you have no immediate wellspring of News Updates of a superstar however this is the best piece of Celebrity Blogging. You don’t need to freeze on posts in truth presents will go ahead you. Take after Newspapers and Media Websites.

Join Media Fan Pages on Facebook. In any case, the most ideal approach to get Celebrity Updates is GOOGLE. Simply go to Google and compose the name of the VIP you are blogging on. For my situation, it is Salman Khan. So this is the means by which I look through the news updates of him.

Basically, I composed Salman Khan however not on the principal page of Google. I sought in the NEWS TAB. You can find on the left side. Here you will get the Updates of the Celebrity from the Official Sources. Look up to 5 Pages for day by day refreshes. It is so basic. Backdrops and Videos you can get from the Media Fan Pages on Facebook and Twitter.

For Example, in the event that you blog on any Indian Celebrity, you should take after the Fan Pages of Business Of Cinema, Apun Ka Choice, Bollywood Hungama and so on. Additionally, you should take after the Bollywood Fan Pages as well. Albeit many are not official pages but rather they can help you a considerable measure.


How to post The News Updates?

Blogging on Celebrity: Keep in mind, don’t duplicate glue the news precisely. Read the news updates and post them in your own particular words. Endeavor to clarify in better route for your perusers. Some of the time it happens that there is no decision but to Copy Paste the news. Try not to stress.

It is absolutely lawful however make sure to give the full credits to the first news source and dependably compose the replicated news or proclamation in a Blockquote as Google does not think of it as Copied Content else you and your blog need to confront punishment from Google.


Make Uniqueness

Blogging on Celebrity: Think for some time. At the point when a peruser can get a similar news refreshes from different sources than why he should go to your blog? This is the place you need to work. Make uniqueness in your work. Endeavor to distribute the news refreshes at the earliest opportunity. Endeavor to refresh just the affirmed refreshes, not the bits of gossip as in Entertainment field, there are numerous gossipy tidbits around consistently.


Make yourself Socially Strong

This is another extraordinary piece of Blogging on Celebrity. You can assemble a Strong Social Network. On the off chance that 50 individuals visit a Tech blog, just 1 out of 50 will like the Social Pages of the blog however on the Celebrity blog, no less than 10 out of 50 guests will take after your Social Pages.

You can fabricate a solid Page on Facebook. Here are a few hints for you to expand Likes of Celebrity Fan Pages: Try not to utilize your Facebook Page much for Traffic. Means don’t share numerous connections on Pages to get movement. Offer Pictures simply because Fans Like, Comment and Share the Pictures of the big name.


Last Words:

Post as much as you can. Endeavor to post a Good Wallpaper of the big name after every 1-2 hours. Include the devotees of a similar big name on whom you are blogging on celebrity in your own Facebook profile. On the off chance that you take after these tips, you will, in fact, have a solid Social Network yet Keep Patience! You won’t get a large number of Fans in a single night. It will take months and years  Try not to adhered to one point as it were

Superstar blog does not imply that you just offer news refreshes. This won’t give you much movement from Search Engines so endeavor to include one elective point your blog, however, pick the theme painstakingly so the fans ought not to get chafe. For Example, I share Box Office Updates of most recent Bollywood motion pictures alongside Salman Khan. It gives me great activity from Search Engines. In any case, for the other point, you should have decent learning of it.

Peace and favors!

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